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Our actions aim to generate social impact in three fundamental areas



At Esencia de África, we are committed to promoting and raising awareness about the artisans of Benin, a broad segment of society that struggles to survive and is often not recognized for the great work they do. Their work is based on the love with which they craft items with their own hands, creating authentic works of art.



The role of women in Africa is essential to understanding its society. Women are the true driving force of the continent. At Esencia de África, we aim to advocate for this role globally, uniting it with the global struggle of women, because we cannot comprehend this fight without the inclusion of African women.



Education is the most valuable asset we have for being free. At Esencia de África, we advocate for quality education that aims to bring out the best in each individual. Education that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and contributes to human freedom.

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