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Our projects

Estamos trabajando en Benín, nuestra sede y centro de operaciones se encuentra en Ouega, una zona rural del sur de Benín, dónde la falta de formación profesional tiene a la mayoría de jóvenes y mujeres desempleados y sin expectativas de futuro. Apostamos por la formación profesional y el desarrollo sostenible, por ello, hemos puesto en marcha diferentes proyectos con este fin gracias a la colaboración de soci@s y a los beneficios obtenidos en las ventas de nuestra tienda online.

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Escuela de Artesania

We have created a craft center in Ouega, in the south of Benin, where we will provide training and employment opportunities for young people and women. Our goal is to achieve sustainable development while promoting craftsmanship, history, and culture in order to gain recognition and preserve them.


Sewing workshop

We have launched a sewing workshop for a group of young people and women in Ouega, Benin. The goal is to provide them with vocational training that allows them to enter the workforce and contribute to economic empowerment in this rural area of the country.

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We support various young entrepreneurs in Benin who are engaged in various activities, often related to craftsmanship, in order to provide them with new avenues for funding and international marketing.


International Volunteering

n collaboration with Les Palmiers Professional School, we have launched an agreement for international volunteer work and student exchange in various professional fields, including hospitality training, photography and video, mechanics, design and fashion, electricity, and more.

This type of volunteering will be available starting in 2024. If you are interested, please request information from us


We need your collaboration to make it possible!

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