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Kanvô Benin Kimono

Kanvô Benin Kimono

SKU: #Kimomarron

Kimono made with native African fabric. 

A timeless piece that will stand out in your wardrobe because it is a unique piece that you can combine in a thousand ways and that will make your look something special that will make a difference. A garment to feel in connection with the purest essence of Africa.


Wear it and feel it in your heart, it will make you shine. 


The history of a fabric:Kanvô

The weaving originating from Africa is made on hand looms, thread by thread, fabrics are produced from ancestral techniques that have been transmitted from generation to generation. It represents history and a way of life based on a slow pace and connection with nature. Kanvô weaving is the name it receives in Benin, where our Craft School is located.


Product Details:

100% cotton

Brown, black and white colors. 

Fringe finish.

With side pockets.

Round neck. 

One size.


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