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Ganvie Cushion Cover

Ganvie Cushion Cover

SKU: 2021005

Handmade cushion cover measuring 50 x 30 cm, crafted from natural cotton fabric.


100% raw cotton entirely hand-spun and handwoven in Benin.


100% raw cotton fabric.

Natural dye.

Pleasant to the touch texture.

Color: Light blue and white.

Button closure.

Woven and sewn in Benin.

Does not include filling.


This type of fabric is known as Kanvô in Africa. It is a fabric native to Benin, produced by two ethnic groups: the Baâtanou and the Fon, using ancestral techniques passed down through generations for centuries.

Artisan Creation

The process of creation and tailoring is a truly intricate one that requires a great deal of skill and patience. First, the threads are dyed using natural dyes in an entirely ecological and manual process. Next, the threads are prepared, and our weaver places them according to the desired design, which requires ample space and a manual loom. From there, hours of meticulous work and concentration gradually shape meters of fabric with an approximate width of 40 cm. Finally, the woven fabric is passed on to our seamstresses, where the different pieces are joined together to create the final product: a true work of art.

This is a completely handmade product, so each item is unique and perfectly imperfect.

Benin's Raw Cotton

Organic cotton sourced locally in Benin. It comes from naturally irrigated crops, a process that respects water and the environment. Unbleached and hand-spun.


Hand wash or machine wash up to 30°C.

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